Saves Time & Money

Frequent repainting is inconvenient and costly over time. Texas Rhino Shield coating saves on the costs of using painters over and over. At the same time, it helps lower your energy bills and makes your home or business beautiful.

Guaranteed to Last

Unlike traditional paint, Texas Rhino Shield ceramic coating is backed by a written, transferable, non-prorated warranty. Our systems have been strenuously tested by BASF labs and won’t peel, crack or fade over time.

Green Friendly

Avoiding frequent repainting reduces the amount of fossil fuels and materials used to manufacture typical latex paint. Texas Rhino Shield products are also nontoxic, low-odor, nonflammable and contain low VOCs. This helps keep both your home or business AND the environment looking great.

Lowers Energy Costs

Texas Rhino Shield’s ceramic coatings reflect UV rays away from your home’s exterior, reducing wall surface temperatures and helping save money over time on cooling costs.

Beautifies Home or Building

Texas Rhino Shield produces a luxurious and vibrant sheen once applied. Plus, it’s guaranteed to look great for years on your home or business. It transforms any building’s exterior and can be tinted to virtually any color you like.

Protects from the Elements

Texas Rhino Shield protects from extreme elements. Rhino Shield waterproofs your home or business, resists salt-air corrosion, provides high wind tolerance and has a Class A fire rating. What’s more, unlike many traditional paints, Rhino Shield resists mold, mildew and algae growth.

Increases Home Value

Texas Rhino Shield’s transferable warranty is a home selling feature. Our warranty puts future homeowners at ease with a long-lasting coating.