25 Year Product Warranty for Home Exterior Coating

Texas Rhino Shield’s ceramic exterior coating technology not only provides complete crack and chip-free coverage of your home’s exterior surfaces, but aims to end the seemingly endless cycle of home repainting. Painting your home is not only a painful chore, but a costly one that requires time and, if you want it to look good, painting expertise. You know the story, every 3 to 5 years, you’re forced to buy large quantities of search for a painter to paint your home’s exterior for a reasonable price while providing superior quality and coverage or simply find the time to do it yourself. Texas Rhino Shield’s 25-year warranty guarantees our work will look great for years to come, transforming your home’s exterior and can be tinted to virtually any color. Since our brand’s inception in 2000, we’ve worked with top chemists and manufacturers to test and constantly improve our product offering. Our product takes into account the points of pain we often see and hear about Texas homeowners struggling with like exorbitant energy costs and a constant need to repaint. Because traditional paint’s lifecycle is so short, Texas Rhino Shield ends up saving Central Texas homeowners money and inconvenience by eliminating the need for repainting. Our 25-year transferrable warranty can save a homeowner tens of thousands of dollars over its life cycle and increase the resale value of their home.

Stop painting – join the new age of exterior wall protection and choose Rhino Shield for your next big home or building re-coating project. Visit Texasrhinoshield.com to learn more about our ceramic exterior coating and call 446-5050 for your free home estimate.