Product Summary

Super Shield®’s elastomeric ceramic roof coating systems are an alternative to traditional roofers in San Antonio and Austin and ideal for virtually any roofing substrate and any roofing slope. Super Shield latex-based products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and applied with conventional professional installation equipment. All our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facility with industry-leading quality controls to ensure consistent product quality. Our facility has been manufacturing premium roof coatings since 1964.

We recognize that roofs are unique, be they residential or commercial. For instance, roof slope is a critical variable in determining the most appropriate roof coating system to apply. Installation of an incorrect roof coating jeopardizes the effectiveness of the coating to protect against moisture buildup and insulation. To address roof slope, Super Shield offers two distinct ceramic roof coating systems: Roof One Coat (sloped roof) and Flat Roof System (flat roof with slight slope).

Roof One Coat (for sloped roofs)

Roof One Coat is a self-priming ceramic elastomeric coating with a high build design ideal for one-coat coverage and protection. Formulated with a high resin content, Roof One Coat offers great adhesion without the need of a separate primer. Ceramic microspheres and titanium dioxide result in a coating with excellent reflectivity and thermal insulation. The coating forms a thick rubber-like membrane that seals out water and expands and contracts with temperature changes and building movement. Roof One Coat helps resist mold and mildew. It also passed ASTM test D522 for extreme low temperature flexibility making Roof One Coat ideal for cold weather roofs.

Flat Roof System (for flat roofs with slight slope/well drained)

The Flat Roof System is a bright white elastomeric roof coating offering substantial waterproofing and insulation benefits with excellent flexibility and tensile strength. It is specially formulated for the demands of a minimally sloped roof (no ponding water). The system is a two-step process which starts with our Roof Primer, a highly adhesive waterproofing primer that adheres to virtually any roof material. We then apply our Flat Roof which is a ceramic acrylic elastomeric coating that is applied twice to create a 14 mil (DFT) barrier of leak protection and mold resistance.

Super Shield vs Roof Replacement

We also offer additional commercial roof coating systems for zero-sloped roofs and roofs with ponding water. Call or e-mail us for more information.

Roof replacement is costly, time consuming and an inconvenient home repair to undergo. Avoid the hassle with Super Shield ceramic coating. Rejuvenate and protect your existing roof while extending its lifespan. Bottom line, installing Super Shield roof coating can delay or eliminate costly roof repair or replacement.


Superior Roof Protection

Our high performance ceramic coating not only beautifies your roof, but also offers outstanding protection paired with exceptional benefits that make your roof better than it’s ever been. Super Shield ceramic coating is easy to clean and is guaranteed to not crack, chip or peel for ten years.

Our proprietary three-part additive restricts the growth of mold and mildew that creates unsightly roof stains. Super Shield also helps prevent shingle granule loss which causes shingle breakdown.

Super Shield ceramic coating costs much less than a typical complete roof replacement.