Commercial Application

Texas Rhino Shield’s elastomeric ceramic wall and roof coating systems are a permanent alternative to traditional commercial building painting for virtually any commercial building application due to their tremendous durability. With over 10,000 successful installations worldwide and growing, nothing compares to Rhino Shield for long-term protection of your building, condominium, or workplace. Choose Texas Rhino Shield instead of a standard commercial painting service. Texas Rhino Shield addresses the needs of different weather climates with customized product formulas guaranteed to not crack, chip, or peel while offering superior corrosion resistance, UV ray reflectivity, and waterproofing. “Never Paint Again™” means no interruptions to your business due to repainting and reduced wall coating maintenance costs.


Our elastomeric acrylic resins with urethane binders result in a flexible but tough surface. One treatment will last 25 years, eliminating the need for conventional commercial painters.


Texas Rhino Shield’s permeability allows the release of condensation and water vapors crucial to preventing coating breakdown. Given San Antonio’s humid climate, this prolongs the life of your coating and your facility, eliminating the need for constant commercial painting services.

Solar Reflectance

The blazing San Antonio sun can heat your building and increase energy consumption. Texas Rhino Shield’s ceramic formula lowers your wall surface temperature by reflecting solar rays away from your building, which reduces cooling costs. Regular commercial paint just cannot compete.


As an alternative to standard commercial paint, Texas Rhino Shield seals your building and prevents water penetration that could result in mold, mildew, and cracking.

“I was amazed at the pace and proficiency in which the workmen performed the renovations. The property owner, as well as myself, are very pleased with the Rhino Shield product. Our buildings look great and we will certainly recommend you and your product to any property owners looking to protect their real estate investment.” – Flournoy & Calhoun Realtors

You’ll find Texas Rhino Shield installed on numerous retail stores, fast food facilities, hotels, condominiums, universities, churches, and government buildings throughout Texas, San Antonio and worldwide. Our past clients include the US Government, NASCAR, Firestone Tires, and many others.

One noteworthy commercial project for Rhino Shield was coating the inside of NASCAR’s main wind tunnel operated by Aerodyn. Tremendous stress is generated as 100+ mph winds fly through the tunnel. Standard commercial paint could not withstand the stress. Texas Rhino Shield was chosen to coat the walls because of its superior tensile strength and tear resistance.

To learn more about how Texas Rhino Shield can assist you with your commercial wall coating and roofing needs, call us at 210-723-8978 or click here.