Texas Rhino Shield services all of the great state of Texas.

Texas Rhino Shield is ready to provide all of Texas with the highest quality exterior coating for your home or building. Say goodbye to the days of endless re-painting with Rhino Shield’s super resistant ceramic coating — exterior painting that is guaranteed for 25 years. Traditional house painters can’t match the quality of Rhino Shield ceramic coating.

A key element of the Rhino Shield business model is our network of certified independent house painters. Rhino Shield house painters have exclusive rights to each market, and each new house painter is carefully screened for home improvement experience and a quality reputation. Many apply, few are accepted. Once selected, the corporate team continuously trains the dealer team on how to market and install Rhino Shield correctly and consistently. Rhino Shield house painters are typically A-rated with the BBB and Angie’s List in the San Antonio and Austin house painting market. Rhino Shield Corporate also surveys customers in a dealer’s market to monitor customer service and satisfaction.

Rhino Shield offers an array of industrial coating solutions to address many typical industrial maintenance problems. Our industrial line consists of rust inhibitors and encapsulators, high gloss polyurethanes, water-based epoxies and ceramic epoxies. Successful applications include heavy-use outdoor railings, warehouse floors, metal roofs, car wash bays, industrial steel poles, parking garages, potable water tanks and chemical storage tanks. We’ve even coated fighter jets and wind tunnels! Let Rhino Shield help solve your most difficult industrial maintenance problems.